Rene Turrek


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René Turrek, born 1977 in Osnabrück and grew up in Bad Iburg, was already involved in art and graffiti when she was at school. Turrek started spraying illegally at the age of 16, not without legal consequences. At the age of 20, thanks to his family and a good probation service, he managed to get out of the illegal scene in good time. Today he even works with the BKA to dissuade teenagers from illegal spraying. The Grafitti culture did not let him go. When he got the first official artistic commissions, he quickly realized that he could turn his hobby into a profession. In the beginning, cleaning the door was part of the agenda, but that didn’t stop the young artist from realizing his dream. After the first attempts at walking in the USA, of which a picture on the world-famous “Oceans Drive” in Miami testifies, he returned to Germany in October 1998. In America Turrek was not only able to gain experience, but also got to know new ways to present his emerging art