Ricky Heeraman

FAMOUS ARTIST Ricky Heeraman

He believes in helping inner city kids who are less fortunate than others who face problems either at home, school or socially.

Ricky Heeraman was born into the mecca of the graffiti culture in the heart of the Bronx. Graffiti & Street art is what influences his pieces. His paintings always addressed an issue in todays world whether its a social class problem, political issue or conforming to pop culture. The canvases he uses are filled with many different mediums. Such as acrylic spray paints, various acrylic paints & inks, oil paints, fluid inks, paint markers, resin, and other mixed media mediums. Sometimes articles, comic books & newspapers have served their purposes as backgrounds for his paintings. He firmly believes in keeping graffiti/street art alive especially in NYC because it represents culture, it’s a form of communication, artists used to express themselves in ways they cant use words for. Ricky also works with kids in Boys & Girls club in NY & NJ area to give kids a creative outlet and to get them to expand their horizons.